My name is Billy Hay – Welcome to my page. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or new to reef keeping, you have come to the right place. My goal is to supply you with quality products, with reasonable prices you will be happy with, while bringing your tank to life.  I have found that maintaining low prices, providing friendly honest customer service, and simply liking what I do, makes it all come easy. It is my hope that when you sit down and do your budget, you find that my cost helps you make purchases that build your tank, without breaking the bank.

Over twenty years ago my passions for this hobby begin. I had tanks on and off during this time, as money and time permitted. While this hobby has seen many changes over the years, the once component that has not, the cost, it continues to be expensive .That being said, while I’m still an avid hobbyist, I started this venture to try and make this hobby affordable to everyone. There is so much collectively that we have to give up during hard economic times, in keeping this hobby affordable, we can continue the enjoyment of life within the comfort of our own homes. Conveniently located in Florida, I am able to gain local access to many items due to close proximity, subsequently reducing the overall cost. I am dedicated to building this site on customer service. I do not want to be just another site; I want to be the only site you talk about.  As a business owner, we as a company will make mistakes, but I strive to handle every situation to make it right for everyone involved. Ultimately, doing this right thing is what builds successful partnerships.

While I am working nonstop to make this site reflect the passion we all have for underwater life, I hope you find this site useful, and find everything your saltwater reef needs.  Take advantage of the product information database by clicking on the many links found throughout my website. Click on your desired product(s), add to your shopping cart, when you are done, confirm your choices, and then pay conveniently with PayPal.  If you have any questions about any product, please feel free to email and I will be happy to assist in any way that I can. My goal is to make this fun and easy for you ~ I want to be your choice for all your saltwater aquarium needs ~ Enjoy shopping.